Hello and welcome to my brand new shop & blog!!!!

For all those that know me... you know how hard we've been working on this (on and off) the last few months - but we did it :) Yaaaaay!!! For all of you who are new - let me introduce myself - My name is Madeleine Kojakian - most commonly known as Maddy K :) 

I'm a Believer of the word ; a mommy of two beautiful kids ; a wife of a very patient and loving man;  a daughter & daughter-in-law to the best parents who without their support and babysitting skills I wouldn't be able to do what I do;  a sister to two brothers who are as passionate and ambitious about their career as I am (maybe even more) ; a sister- in-law to two beautiful ladies ; a boss to a group of superstars ;  a friend to a handful of the best women in the world, founder of a local annual bridal show called Bridal Boudoir Affair, Co-founder of Juliette & Prince, Co-founder of Maddy K Inspires, Co-founder of So you think you can plan, and founder of Event Design Agency called Maddy K based in the beautiful city of Montreal - Yes I am a crazy busy lady - but that's exactly how I love it!!!

I have a soft spot for weddings... although these days we do much more than just weddings but weddings are and will always be my first love! I've been working on launching my own shop for a while now and it was supposed to be launched by March of 2015 - in time for my bridal show  - but it just didn't happen.  Summer came, events happened and I just never had the time to give the attention and love it deserved... until recently when things calmed down for us a bit and I was able to get back into it - with the help of our shop coordinator: Jennifer Maselli. Truth be told, if it wasn't for her we would never be launching... so thank you Jenn for all your hard work and dedication!!!! We made it!!! :)

So while discussing details with our designers and Jenn the subject of Blog came up - "But you have to have a blog" they said... "I have no time to blog" I said!!! I actually used to have a blog for many years but I just had no time to maintain it and at some point I hired bloggers to blog for me, but it really was not very authentic and I realized better to close up the blog than have a blog that is not a true reflection of who I am!!! Long story short - they insisted - you have to have a blog - so figure it out!!!!

Fast Forward to now: It took a lot of convincing but finally I agreed on one condition - ok we can have a blog but it has to be true to who I am and what I'm all about - and that's how "Inspired Living with Maddy K" was born!!! The blog is going to be full of pretty things but it won't stop there... it will be about finding inspiration in all that we do... getting inspired by what is around us - people, things, events, experiences, travel destination and so much more! My hope for this blog is to inspire you - sometimes just by giving you eye candy to look at, but also giving you inspiration that you can apply in your life, career, marriage, job, business, relationships and so much more!!!

This is a space of positivity and love, so I welcome you to join me on my journey of Inspired Living in hope that we get inspired together :)


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